Principles of Project Management (PM)

Dep. on the FPSO is this a part of the modul Technologie und Management/Frontier Engineering & Management
Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Eber, Akad. Oberrat

Thursday 09:45-11:15 am, Room 0606
(summerterm and winterterm)

Christian Ziegel, M.Sc., Wiss. Assistent

Start: October, 26. 2017
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Additional remark for students taking the module Projektorganisation und Management BV550014:
As already announced, this module comprises the module "BV550025 Risk Management in Real Estate and Construction Management" and "BV000063 Principles of Project Management".
There will be no separate examination for "BV550014 Projektorganisation und Management", but your grade will be combined from the two separate exams. Therefore, please register additionally for the exams "BV550025 Risikomanagement in der Bau- und Immobilienwirtschaft" and "BV000063 Grundlagen des Projektmanagements", find time, date and location and take them separately. In the end we will calculate your overall grade from the results and enter them.

Please register for the exam at TUMonline.

The exam will take place on February, 13th, 13:30 - 14:30 (in 1200).
Please register for the exam at TUMonline!

- Projects and Environment
- Factors of Success
- Organization of Projects
- Scheduling Costs and Resources
- Scheduling Duration and Target Dates
- (Controlling in Projects) - Integrated
- (Communication) - Integrated
- (Quality Management) - Integrated
- (Risk Management) - Integrated
- (Single project and landscape of projects) - Optional

The script will be downloadable at the e-learning-plattform moodle.

bauprozessmanagement und immobilienentwicklung
Construction. Real Estate. Management