Principles of Simulation (Project) (SIM)

Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Eber, Akad. Oberrat

Tue 9:45h - 11:15h (Tutorial) / Tue 15:00h - 16:30h (Lecture) , CIP-Pool 3209 / Lecture room 3115

Marina Hoffeller, M.Sc., Wiss. Assistentin

Start: 02.05.2017, 15:00h Room 3115 (Lecture) Please notice: No lecture and no tutorial on May 23
This lecture comprises teaching lessons as well as the supervised elaboration of a simulation model. The logistic activities of a real project taken from construction management will be modeled, several appropriate scenarios are to be simulated and finally analysed. Teams formed by 2-3 students are accepted.

Please register online with TUMONLINE for the lecture as well as for the examination in time.

Licences are restricted to the respective lecture time, i.e. until July 12th. A period of two weeks time is proposed for the final elaboration of the project. The submission date will be anounced in time.

Useful but not as a precondition would be to have attended the lecture "Optimierungsverfahren - Simulation und Operations Research".

The final date for the examination is 04 August 2017.
Please register for the exam at TUMonline.

- Principles of simulation
- Introductorial models
- Introduction to the software
- Elaboration of the task
- Construction of the simulation model
- Methods of analysis
- Criteria of stability
- Prognostic potential

Lecture notes can be obtained via MOODLE

bauprozessmanagement und immobilienentwicklung
Construction. Real Estate. Management